Cadillac Unveils the Cadillac Celestiq

July 27th, 2022 by

Cadillac Celestiq Coming to Oklahoma City

Cadillac Celestiq Coming to Bob Moore Cadillac of Oklahoma City

The future is bright for Cadillac, which is apparent following the unveiling of the Cadillac Celestiq. Although many details about the upcoming Celestiq are still a mystery, and we have yet to see its final production, the show car offers an exciting glimpse into what this all-electric model will become. Let’s explore a few predictions about this EV sedan and what we know so far about its design, performance, and technology.


You can expect next-level luxury inside the Cadillac Celestiq. Every detail is unique and expertly crafted, including the four bucket seats. Throughout the cabin, you’ll see materials such as soft leather, perforated wood, and brushed metal for the trim. Each customer can make their Celestiq into their ideal vehicle as it offers bespoke options and endless possibilities. As for the technology, a 55-inch LED display covers the entire dashboard. Backseat passengers will enjoy their own touchscreens placed directly in front of them on the back of the front seat headrests. The Celestiq will also have a glass roof that can be changed from opaque to transparent, and each passenger will have control over the section above them.


Upon first glance, it’s clear that the Cadillac Celestiq will make a statement with its magnificent exterior. Its sleek profile and elegant shape are enhanced by its roofline, which curves into the rear hatch. Although the Celestiq is a four-door sedan, a few of its exterior features are reminiscent of the Cadillac LYRIQ, such as the illuminated grille. We’ll also see LED lighting spanning horizontally on the front and rear. Similar to the interior, we can expect drivers to customize certain exterior elements of their Celestiq to fit their definition of style and luxury. The option of customization opens up a world of imagination about the future of the Cadillac Celestiq’s design.

Battery and Powertrain

At this time, little is known about the Cadillac Celestiq’s powertrain. However, we do know that it’s expected to have standard rear-wheel drive and an option for all-wheel drive. As for its battery, the Celestiq will draw its power from the GM Ultium battery. Specific information, such as range and battery capacity, has yet to be released. We can estimate that the Celestiq could have a range of 400 miles on a full charge. We also know that the EV will have a GM BEV3 platform.

Ultra Cruise

At this time, drivers across the country are enjoying the convenience and futuristic driving experience provided by GM’s hands-free driving technology, Super Cruise. Cadillac announced that the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq will include Ultra Cruise, the next generation of Super Cruise. We have yet to learn what Ultra Cruise will offer, but we predict this system will expand upon Super Cruise’s technology while providing more compatible roads for hands-free driving.

To learn more about the Cadillac Celestiq and the future of Cadillac as a whole, call or visit Bob Moore Cadillac of Oklahoma City. We’ll be glad to show you our inventory of the latest Cadillac models near Norman, Yukon, and Stillwater.

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