Amazon Alexa Integration

Amazon Alexa Integration into Your Cadillac

Continue being productive on the go and have access to important information stored in Alexa with Amazon Alexa integrated into your Cadillac. Alexa Built-In is now included on select Cadillac models, allowing you to use voice commands for tasks.

Do Everything on the Go

With Alexa Built-In, you can stream your Amazon playlists in your Cadillac for the perfect road music. Make phone calls, get directions to your destination and even find a radio station you like.

Make a shopping list with Alexa, play audiobooks from your library, or find out the results of a sports game. Use one of Alexa’s skills to find information or to add some fun to the drive. Try things like:

  • Find out how long it will take to get to your destination
  • Ask Alexa to open your garage door or to adjust other smart home devices
  • Find the nearest Cadillac dealership when you’re traveling

Alexa is continually adding new skills, which automatically update in your vehicle.

MyCadillac Skill in Alexa

With myCadillac skill, Alexa will help you manage your vehicle. You can tell it to start or stop the vehicle, lock or unlock doors, and even turn on the lights and sound the horn. Use the app to schedule your next service appointment or to get the status for your vehicle.

How to access the myCadillac skill:

  • Go to your Amazon Alexa mobile app.
  • Log into your account.
  • Search for the myCadillac skill. Click to enable.
  • Link the skill to your Cadillac account and enter your username and password.

Make your journeys more convenient with Alexa to help. You can access the vehicle manuals or find warranty information on the myCadillac app.

Cadillac makes it easy to continue with your daily routine as you travel. Do all the things with Alexa that you would do at home. Add a reminder alarm, so you don’t forget an important appointment. Save addresses for work and home or get recommendations for music, audiobooks, and more.

Alexa is part of the Connected Services for Cadillac to help you stay in touch even on the go.

Your Access Your Way

Connect on the go with as much access as you want. Many of the features included in the new Cadillac models offer a free trial for a chance to try them out and find out which ones improve your life. Once you’ve had time to sample all Cadillac has to offer, you have the ability to customize it for your needs.

If you like to live the simple life, Connected Access gives you only the basics. The Remote Access Plan includes more features, including the myCadillac skill for Alexa. With Connected Vehicle, you get more features and in-vehicle apps, including Alexa Built-in Connected Navigation.

To find out more about Alexa and Cadillac or take one of these fabulous models for a test drive and learn all about what they have to offer, visit Bob Moore Cadillac Edmond. Stop in today and stay connected to your life in your Cadillac.