Cadillac Super Cruise™

What is Cadillac Super Cruise?

Ask any Cadillac owner, and they will tell you that this brand has always been ahead of their time. And as a leader in innovation in the automotive industry, it is no surprise that Cadillac is offering the first actual hands-free driving assist feature. Called Super Cruise, this feature allows you to enjoy your commute with confidence and an added level of relaxation. Cadillac drivers have logged over seven million miles in the safety of this hands-free assist mode to date.

How It Works

Cutting-edge technology, countless hours of research and development, and field testing from Cadillac drivers across the country have all been essential in creating Super Cruise. The Super Cruise feature works in conjunction with the Adaptive Cruise Control function to manage braking and acceleration. Also, real-time positioning, cameras, sensors, and LiDAR map data work together to manage the steering and lane control of your Cadillac.

Meeting The Communication Needs

For all of these systems and external systems to safely operate your vehicle, there needs to be constant communication between your Cadillac and the Internet. A Cadillac Connect Service plan is required to maintain communication and safety while in Super Cruise mode. The team online also includes OnStar Emergency Services to monitor and assist in the event of an issue.

Getting Set For Super Cruise

For the Super Cruise feature to operate, you will need to make a few changes to the settings in your vehicle. First, you need to ensure that adaptive cruise control is on and that the forward collision system is set to alert and brake. Also, you will need to verify that the teen driver feature is deactivated.

Things To Consider

Because Super Cruise uses mapping applications, it is essential that you are driving on a mapped and compatible roadway to use the feature. It is also essential that the lane markings on the roadway are clearly visible. Some problems will occur when the markers are less visible due to poor weather conditions or glare from the sun. And finally, ensure that all cameras and sensors on your vehicle are unobstructed and undamaged. The only other feature needed for Super Cruise is the Driver Attention Camera. This safety feature ensures that you are paying attention to the road and prepared to take control of the vehicle in the event of an emergency.

The Mapping

Super Cruise is made possible by LiDAR mapping technology. And currently, there are over 200,000 miles of mapped and approved roadways. Older vehicles could require a software update from your local dealer to access the latest mapped road. Then it is as simple as making a few changes to your vehicle’s settings, pushing a button, and removing your hands from the wheel. When the green light on the steering wheel is illuminated, remain alert, but know that Super Cruise has you covered.

Visit the tech pros at Bob Moore Cadillac of Edmond to learn more about using Super Cruise on the many mapped roads around MooreOklahoma City, and Norman.