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Cadillac Service Specials

Service Specials at Bob Moore Cadillac of Edmond

There are few things more essential to protecting the value of your Cadillac than professional service from a team of automotive experts you can trust. At Bob Moore Cadillac of Edmond, our service department is here to offer all the care your Cadillac needs, from oil and filter changes to brake and transmission service. Our team is also the local expert to trust when you are interested in upgrading or adding a few personal touches to your vehicle.

However, what you might not know or expect is that Bob Moore Cadillac of Edmond is the place to get the best prices thanks to our many service specials. The special offers rotate from time to time to provide you with all the services you need, from deals on new tires to wiper blade replacements. These coupons and special offers are our way of saying thank you for purchasing a Cadillac from our dealership and continuing to bring your greatly valued business back to us for vehicle service and maintenance. Call us at 405-486-0872 or set your appointment online to visit our state-of-the-art service center near Moore and Norman.

Special Pricing On Essential Cadillac Services

As the owner of a premium luxury vehicle, you understand that it requires a bit of TLC to keep your Cadillac performing at its peak and protect your investment in this fine piece of American craftsmanship. Some of the service specials most commonly offered at Bob Moore Cadillac of Edmond include:

Oil change: Regular oil changes are the most affordable yet valuable service owners provide for any vehicle. As motor oil breaks down and becomes contaminated with dirt and debris, it provides significantly less lubrication to the engine’s internal components. That makes these moving parts more prone to damage from heat and friction. Regularly changing the oil and filter will provide the best protection for the engine to extend its life expectancy and reliability.

Brake service: Your brake system is the most essential safety feature on your vehicle. Cadillac vehicles include some of the most cutting-edge braking systems in the industry. However, like all brakes, they need care and replacement of the consumable parts on a regular basis. So at the first hint of a soft brake pedal or squealing brakes, stop by Bob Moore Cadillac of Edmond for brake service from the experts you can count on for great prices and quality workmanship.

Wiper blades: Wiper blades might seem very insignificant when you think about necessary services for your Cadillac, but without them, driving in rain or snow is nothing short of perilous. Please stop by our service center for the best price on the perfect wiper blades for your Cadillac before you are stranded with no way to drive your vehicle safely.

No one knows your Cadillac better than our team of factory-trained service technicians. And no one appreciated your business more than the entire Bob Moore Cadillac of Edmond team. Visit our service department for great deals on the services that will keep you safe and your Cadillac running perfectly.