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Wheel Alignment at Bob Moore Cadillac Edmond


Wheel Alignment at Bob Moore Cadillac Edmond

Tire alignment, otherwise known as wheel alignment, is an important part of any vehicle’s performance. You can get your tires aligned at Bob Moore Cadillac Edmond. We’ll help you keep going with tires that provide reliable transportation.

What is a Tire Alignment?

A tire alignment is the need for adjustment of the wheels of a vehicle and suspension system to ensure the tires are hitting the pavement evenly and correctly. Tires can get out of alignment over time or in an accident. It can happen when traveling over gravel or on rough roads.

Why is a Tire Alignment Important?

When tires get out of alignment, the tread wears unevenly. The tires may not grip the road as securely, which can cause safety issues. Tires that are misaligned may cause the vehicle to steer into one direction or vibrate, which can lead to other issues if not corrected.

How Can You Tell If You Need a Tire Alignment?

Your vehicle will give you signs if you need a tire alignment.

  • Tread wears unevenly or quicker
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Steering wheel vibrates
  • Steering wheel is turned to one side even when you’re traveling straight

What Happens with a Tire Alignment?

There are three indicators that a service technician looks at to tell if a wheel is out of alignment and in which direction. First is the camber. This is the angle of the tires when a person is standing in front of the vehicle. They will tilt inward or outward if they need to be aligned. Camber misalignment can be caused by bearings and ball joints that are worn.

The toe alignment is the second thing technicians look at. This alignment affects how much the tires turn inward or outward if the person is looking down from above the vehicle. The third type of alignment is caster alignment, which is the angle of the steering axis when a person is standing on the side of the vehicle. This type of alignment helps with steering balance and stability and is important for cornering.

Changes in Tread

One of the most important indicators that your tires need to be aligned is in how they wear. For instance, the tread may be smooth on one side of the tire and sharp on the other side, which is called feathering. It indicates that the vehicle needs a toe alignment. Camber alignment is often necessary when the outside or inside of the tire wears down more than the center. When the tire feels like saw teeth, it indicates heel/toe wear, which may be caused by the tires not being inflated enough or not being rotated as needed. Many times, the technician will recommend having the tires balanced when they are realigned. When tires need to be balanced, weights are added or removed.

Regular alignment and balancing can help your tires last longer and improve performance with your Cadillac. Contact Bob Moore Cadillac Edmond today to schedule your next tire alignment.