2021 Escalade ESV

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2021 Cadillac Escalade

The next generation, 2021 Escalade ESV, is setting the bar very high for all SUVs. This full-sized SUV introduces owners to unrivaled high-tech features and equipment that will change the way you think about driving forever. No longer is your commute going to be a stressful, hands-on trek, unless you want it to be. The key is that your new 2021 Escalade ESV will allow you to make the perfect choices to meet your needs. To learn more about this cutting-edge piece of American made machinery, visit Bob Moore Cadillac in Edmond.

Extreme Capability

A 6.2L V8 is the standard engine in the Escalade ESV, and it offers drivers an impressive 420 horsepower. But what makes this behemoth of a machine so unique is the addition of a Dynamic Fuel Management System. This feature evaluates the demand placed on the engine and varies the number of cylinders in uses, from 2-cylinder operation to eight and maximum power. This single feature has revolutionized the performance and fuel efficiency of the Escalade ESV. For drivers who would prefer a diesel engine, a 3.0L Duramax turbo-diesel is always an option.

Rugged Style

As the largest in the Escalade family, the ESV offers more space for passengers and cargo while still holding onto the family name’s iconic lines. Standard 22-inch wheels are ready to take on anything that you might encounter on the road. The redesigned thin, sleek headlamps will keep the entire road illuminated for your safety. And everyone will take notice when the massive 3′ tall taillamps illuminate.

Today’s Tech

The primary command center is a full 16.9-inch touchscreen located in the center dash. It provides access to navigation, entertainment, your devices, and the function of your vehicle. For nighttime driving, a Night Vision System converts the instrument cluster to an enhanced view of the terrain beyond the reach of your headlamps. And for daytime driving, the heads up display keeps your eyes on the road for added safety. But what has drivers the most excited is the new Super Cruise hands-free mode. It is the world’s first utterly hands-free driver assist feature. And its function is compatible with thousands of miles of highway in the United States and Canada.

Lap of Luxury

American craftsmanship is apparent throughout the 2021 ESV. The 16-way power-adjustable front seats are adorned in leather and offer complete climate control for the ultimate in driver comfort. And the ambient light selector allows you to customize the color and intensity of the lighting inside the vehicle to match your mood. Finally, enjoy calming music from the 19 speakers or just some great conversation with your passengers via the interior microphone conversation enhancement feature. The 2021 Escalade ESV takes every aspect of your experience as a driver or passenger to the next level and beyond.
To experience all of the innovations included in the new 2021 Escalade ESV, stop by Bob Moore Cadillac in Edmond and let this amazing vehicle take you for a test ride.